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10:30am Blended Worship Service
10:30am Contemporary Service

Upcoming Sermons


October 7 (FLC)
Message by Jack Harpold

October 14 (Sanctuary)
Message by Kris McFadden –Director of Teen Challenge Training Center

October 21 (FLC) (Fall Revival Services begin)
Message by Chris Smith

October 28 (Sanctuary)
Message by Pastor Charlie
Title – “My Last Two Cents”
Scripture – Luke 21:1-4
If you only had two dollars left and that was all you had, what would you do with it? We will see what a lady who had only two cents did.

November 4 (FLC)
International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church
Message by Pastor Charlie
Title – “Could That Really Happen?”
Scripture – Luke 21:5-9
Has anyone told you something that when you heard it you wondered if that is even possible? In this message Jesus tells the disciples something they could hardly believe and eventually it happened just like Jesus said it would.

November 11 (Golden Age Sunday) (Sanctuary)
Message by Ron Susek

November 18 (FLC)
Message by Pastor Charlie
Title – “The Road Ahead”
Scripture – Luke 21:10-19
In Luke 21 Jesus is foretelling what is ahead. Some has taken place but there is much that will be taking place. In this message we will examine what is ahead. Be ready! Jesus always does what He says He will do.

November 25 (Sanctuary)
Single Sisters Luncheon in FLC after services

Message by Pastor Charlie
Title – “We Should Be Thankful”
Scripture – Luke 21:20-24
As Jesus continues to share what was ahead He spoke of the destruction to come and gives clear warning. We will look at what happened to Jerusalem and also what will happen in the future.

December 2 (Sanctuary)
Message by Pastor Charlie
Title – “It Could Be Today”
Scripture – Luke 21:25-33
As Jesus came to the close of His earthly ministry, He wanted us to know about what will happen when He returns. In this message, we will look at the signs of His return.

December 9 (FLC)
Baby Dedication
Message by Pastor Charlie
Title – “Planning Ahead”
Scripture – Luke 21:34-38
Jesus continues to talk about His return and how we should be planning for that. We need to be watching and be ready.

December 16 (Sanctuary)
Message by Pastor Charlie
Title – “The Dream”
Scripture – Matthew 1:18-25
God used dreams many times in scripture to lead those who were His servants. Joseph is one of those who God will use a dream to lead him. God will lead us also, and, yes, for some, even a dream.

December 23 (FLC)
Message by Pastor Charlie
Title – “The Promise and the Gift”
Scripture – Luke 2:8-11 / Luke 23:42-43
In this message we will look at Jesus coming to earth and then His last hours on this earth. We will look at the promises of scripture and the most wonderful gift that we can have.

December 30 (Sanctuary)
Message by Pastor Tim