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Upcoming Sermons

February 25 (FLC)
Message by Pastor Charlie
Title – “Don’t You Even Care?”
Scripture –Luke 14:1-6
It’s another Sabbath and another attempt for the Pharisees to trap Jesus. In the end Jesus exposes the hardness of their hearts. So what about our hearts?

March 4 (Sanctuary)
Spring Renewal Services
Message by Dave Musser

March 11 (FLC)
Message by Pastor Charlie
Title – “Best Seat in the House”
Scripture – Luke 14:7-11
There is a wedding feast and everyone wants the best seat. Jesus uses that very moment to teach all of us a valuable lesson about humility.

March 18 (Sanctuary)
Message by Pastor Tim

March 25 (FLC)
Palm Sunday
Message by Pastor Charlie
Title – “What Was and What Will Be”
Scripture – Matthew 21:1-11
It is Palm Sunday we want to look back to the day Jesus entered Jerusalem and also look ahead to the day when He will return to Jerusalem and enter through the Eastern Gate.

April 1 (Sanctuary)
Easter Sunday
Message by Pastor Charlie
Title – “No April Fool’s Joke”
Scripture – Luke 24:1-12
It’s Easter Sunday. Jesus has risen and that is no joke, even though some find it hard to believe it is true.

April 8 (FLC)
Message by Pastor Charlie
Title – “Who’s Coming for Supper?”
Scripture – Luke 14:12-24
In this message we will talk about a wonderful banquet that will take place in the future. There will be those who were invited but chose not to come. You are invited. The question will be, “Are you going to come?”

April 15 (Sanctuary)
Message by Ron Brubaker

April 22 (FLC)
Message by Pastor Charlie
Title – “Worthless Salt”
Scripture – Luke 14:34-35
Salt can do some wonderful things and can be used for good in many ways unless the salt is no good. So are you worth your salt as the old saying goes? We will look at what Jesus is telling us in these two verses.

April 29 (Sanctuary)
Message by Pastor Charlie
Title – “Why We Need To Remember”
Scripture – Luke 23:44-49
This will be Self-Examination Sunday, as we prepare to eat the bread and drink the cup. If you are a Christian then you need to remember all that Jesus did and why He did it.

May 6 (Sanctuary)

Message by Todd Bomberger

May 13 (FLC)
•Baby Dedication
Message by Pastor Charlie
Title – “A Mothers Test of Faith”
Scripture – I Kings 17:8-16
It is Mother’s Day and we will look at a mother a long time ago who had to make a very difficult decision. She needed to decide if she could really trust God to care for her and her son.

May 20 (Sanctuary)
Message by Pastor Charlie
Title – “It’s What God Says That Counts”
Scripture – Luke 16:14-17
Another confrontation with the religious leader. They thought they knew it all, but it was what Jesus said that counted for all eternity.

May 27 (FLC)
Message by Pastor Charlie
Title – “Divorce and Remarriage”
Scripture – Luke 16:18
We will look at what Jesus said concerning divorce and remarriage. We will also look at many other scriptures as we address this very difficult subject.