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Upcoming Sermons

July 28 (All Services held in FLC)
Mission Sunday

August 4 (Sanctuary)

August 11 (FLC)
– Consecration for college students
Message by Pastor Charlie
Title – “The Obituary and the Will”
Scripture – Genesis 25:1-11
In this message we will look at Abraham’s passing and the wonderful promise of how the next generations will be blessed. Have you thought about what will be written in your obituary and what you will pass on to the coming generations?

August 18 (Sanctuary)
– Baby dedication
Message by Pastor Charlie
Title – “You’re Having Twins!”
Scripture – Genesis 25:19-28
How would you react if you were told you’re having twins? These twins are really going to be something. We can and will learn much about the sovereign hand of God with these boys.

August 25 (FLC)
– Membership Transfer
– Back to School consecration
Message by Pastor Charlie
Title – “Like Father, Like Son”
Scripture – Genesis 26:1-11
So often we follow our parent’s example, in the good things, and, yes, also the bad. In this message we will see Isaac doing the same thing his father did and this time it wasn’t good.

September 1 (Sanctuary)
Message by Pastor Charlie
Title – “Living A Lie” (Part 1)
Scripture – Genesis 27:1-17
This message begins a series of lies in a family that is filled with deceit. Lies always cause problems and suffering. We will see who was lying and why. We can learn from their sin and what not to do.

September 8 (FLC)
– Christian Education Sunday
Message by Walt Mueller
Title – “Self or Savior”
Scripture – Matthew 4:18-20

September 15 (Sanctuary)
Message by Pastor Charlie
Title – “Living A Lie” (Part 2)
Scripture – Genesis 27:18-29
Thee saga continues as lies are exposed and reality sets in. We can learn many lessons from this family and the consequences of lying. Telling the truth is always the right thing to do.

September 22 (FLC)
Message by Pastor Charlie
Title – “Facing Reality”
Scripture – Genesis 27:30-40
Esau finds himself facing the hard fact of the reality of his decisions. When we face the hard truth of failures in our lives we have the option of going to Jesus and experiencing forgiveness. First we must admit we have sinned.

September 29 (Sanctuary)
Self-Examination Sunday
Message by Pastor Charlie
Title – “A Heart Filled With Hate”
Scripture – Genesis 27:41-46
In this message we will see a man so filled with hate that he plans to kill his brother. Hate is one of Satan’s effective tools still destroying lives today. Is there hate in your heart?