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July 1, 2018 Update

There was a Congregational Business Meeting held on July 1st to review the new procedure approved by the Church of the Brethren Atlantic Northeast (ANE) District Board regarding withdrawing congregations.   Representatives of the ANE district committee attended the meeting and fielded questions from the congregation related to the procedure.  At the conclusion of the meeting, the members of the congregation present at the meeting voted “No” to the terms presented in the procedure.  (No – Do not support agreeing to the procedure [259 votes], Yes – support agreeing to the procedure 12 [votes]).

LINK: ANE District Procedural Outline for Congregational Withdrawal

Thank you to all those who are a part of the Midway Church.  We will continue to walk through this process together with our great desire to grow in love and faith.  No matter the circumstances, we must continue to live out the mission and purpose of God’s church at Midway – Lifting up the name of Jesus.

It is our desire to bring the hope of Jesus to the Lebanon Community.

To be shaped by God’s Word – Serve our neighbors near and far – Be a place to call home

All for the Glory of God!

Please continue to pray for the ANE District, the Church of the Brethren denomination and for the body at Midway.

If you have any questions related to the Congregational Business Meeting, the procedure or any other matter related to this process, please submit them directly to the Midway elder ministry team via the linked e-mail address here:  elders@midwaychurch.net.  If email is not an option, please contact the church office with your question.  Thank you.