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June 26, 2018 Update – ANE District Procedure for Congregational Withdraw Received

The Church of the Brethren Atlantic Northeast District Board approved a new procedure for congregational withdrawal at its recent District Board meeting on June 21st.  The Midway elder ministry team has received the new procedure.

There is a Midway Church Congregational Business Meeting scheduled for this Sunday July 1 at 7:00 PM when the elder ministry team will share information related to the new procedure.  We as a congregation will conduct any business as appropriate regarding the new procedure.

The elder ministry team is committing much time to prayer and discernment in this process.  We urge each member to do the same.  We as a congregation committed to walking this process with Christ-like grace and humility.   We also committed to fully trusting our Lord and clinging only to Christ.  By God’s grace and by the power of His Holy Spirit, we will walk through this together unified in our love for Jesus.

A link to the new procedure is provided below and copies are also available at the church office.  There are a few items worth noting as you read the procedure.

  • The procedure is not unique or specific to Midway Church.  It is a procedure intended for use by the ANE District for any church that desires to withdraw from the denomination as noted in the opening paragraph.
  • Midway Church is already considered to have completed Step 1 of the procedure (initial vote, Page 3).

    LINK: ANE District Procedural Outline for Congregational Withdrawal 

If you have any questions related to the new procedure, please submit them directly to the Midway elder ministry team via the linked e-mail address here:  elders@midwaychurch.net.  If email is not an option, please contact the church office with your question.   The elder ministry team will work to have your question addressed at the July 1st Congregational Meeting.  Thank you.

Please continue to pray for the ANE District, the Church of the Brethren denomination and for the body at Midway as we continue in this process.