8:00am Traditional Worship Service
10:15am Blended Worship Service
10:15am Contemporary Service

Adult Sunday School Classes for Spring/Summer Quarters (March-August 2018)

1. Answers Bible Chronological Study – multiple classes/locations below

a. ABC is designed and written to provide answers to the issues that confront today’s
culture through the media, school, friends, etc. All ages will be equipped to defend the
Bible, and become conformed to the image of Christ, as they apply God’s Word in their
everyday lives.

b. Primary class offered to encourage spiritual growth and unity as we study the same
material as the children and youth

c. Spring Quarter theme: “Wisdom from God.” Summer quarter theme: “God’s Justice and Mercy”
New Beginnings – Room 108
For Post HS/college students and young adults desiring to seek God as they
branch out on their own as ambassadors for Christ

Kingdom Builders (formerly Young Adult) – FLC
For newlyweds, new parents, and families with elementary age children

Family Foundations – (formerly J.O.Y.) – Room 106
For established families raising Kingdom kids

New Horizons – Room 109
For families with adult children, with opportunities to mentor the next

Junior Saints – (formerly Willing Workers) – Room 111
For folks looking forward to retirement and seeking more opportunities for
Kingdom work.

2. Standard Lesson Quarterly – Senior Saints – Room 210
Spring: Acknowledging God: (2 Chron., Psalms, Luke, John, 2 Cor. Heb. Rev.)
Summer: Justice in the New Testament: (Matt., Luke, Romans, 2 Cor., Col.)

3. Elective 1: Book of the Bible in-depth study: 1st Corinthians – Choir Room
Led by Ron Good, Dave Superdock & Nate Stein

4. Elective 2: Study on the book “Abide in Christ” by Andrew Murray – 105
Led by Don Wick