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The Umble Family – December 2017 (Cambodia)

Thanks for those of you who have been praying for us the past few weeks.  Following are a few updates in response to requests we’ve shared.
1) This past Sunday the elders of the Phnom Penh Mennonite Church and some ministry team leaders gathered to discuss the upcoming Christmas Program and the church retreat/baptism ceremony.  (See picture below)  There was a good sense of teamwork and unity as we made plans together.  The date for the retreat/baptism was set for December 30-31.  Please continue to pray for the elders, especially Sokhom who is overseeing the logistics and Mades who is overseeing the Biblical instruction related to baptism.

2) Baby Felix continues to improve, but is still not home yet.  He was transferred to a hospital in Bangkok, Thailand, which is giving him better care.  For a more detailed account of developments over the past few days, you can read from his mother Maria below.
Thanks for standing with us in prayer!
Ryan and Bethany


[12/10, 11:11] Maria Minnich: Now that we are on our way, my heart was strengthened again…no matter the result, even if he is all of a sudden better when we get there because the doctor overreacted and we just needed to wait it out or if there is something underlying it’s good to go to Bangkok and get clarity and answers!

[12/10, 11:11] Maria Minnich: One of the nurses in the Ambulance is a Jesus-Loving Mormon, she is playing worship songs and prays for Felix…What are the chances?!? God truly is Immanuel! He is in everything! ❤😃🙏

[12/11, 08:09] Maria Minnich: The summary is that the Pneumonia has fully cleared up (Thank God), the secretion is coming from his inflamed airways, even though he doesn’t fit the age group yet they diagnosed him with reactive airway disease, his symptoms and our family history are pretty obvious.
[12/11, 08:09] Maria Minnich: Good news:
[12/11, 08:09] Maria Minnich: I am glad to hear that the Pneumonia is healed and that we are “just” dealing with his airways needing to get the inflammation under control (with cortisone) so he doesn’t keep producing secretion and doesn’t keep having asthma attacks when off the bronchodilator. So, it’s pretty obvious that we were stuck in a vicious cycle and the more secretion then endangered the lung infiltration again which then could lead to Pneumonia again if a topical bacterial infection develops.
[12/11, 08:09] Maria Minnich: So they confirmed that he did have viral Pneumonia, which can then trigger reactive airway disease, which is basically like asthma in the symptoms…but not asthma…and in most cases children grow out of it and it doesn’t mean they will automatically have juvenile asthma. (Like in the example of August)
[12/11, 08:09] Maria Minnich: Plan is to observe him for two days and confirm the diagnosis and then get equipped to handle this in Lao.
[12/11, 08:09] Maria Minnich: I am very thankful to have answers and to be in the right place to get equipped to manage this disease away from medical care. Since we managed it with August I am not as intimidated but relieved.
[12/11, 08:13] Maria Minnich: I am so glad that we are here now. After the doctor talked to me yesterday I almost cried for relief because it’s SO good to have clarity and good communication!!! Such a gift!!! Realizing in a new way that our access to sufficient medical care isn’t “just across the border in Thailand” but Bangkok. I am amazed by the difference between Ubon Rak and Bangkok!!!
[12/11, 08:14] Maria Minnich: Our family doctor told me: “Long story, huh?! Keep cool, you are safe now!” 😂